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Alright, Alright, Alright it is time to get down to the nitty gritty on how to actually study OMM for the COMLEX.

So many different ways and so many different techniques… well, I will distill these down into 3 separate ways to study OMM for the COMLEX.

Each of these ways is effective in their own way, I highly recommend using a combination of all three of them.

I want to let you know that the CPM OMM course will take advantage of these techniques explained in this article and will allow you to learn OMM in the most efficient and effective manner without wasting any of your time.

Without much more babbling, onto the reason you are here, 3 ways to study OMM for the COMLEX:

1. Study Early and Often

This is the way that I advise you to learn every piece of content that will be on the COMLEX, especially OMM.

Using board study material early and often alongside classes seems to be a theme of mine.

If you read any of my other posts you will notice this, and it is for good reason. The earlier you pay attention to board study topics, the better off you are, plain and simple.

OMM is one of those topics that it can really break you if you don’t pay attention to it or just blow it off like many of the students I know did.

Studying OMM in an efficient way early and often (just a few days per month if starting early) is the best way to do it. Study it alongside your classes and use your OMM board prep resource while you study for classes.

2. The week before/Between technique

This is a favorite among most people and a huge reason I created a 1-week subscription to my CPM OMM course. Many people have learned OMM the right way, i.e. during classes. So, they just need a quick review to just refresh their mind on the topic before their board exam.

This technique is simple, if you are comfortable with OMM just bust it out in the week before your COMLEX, or if you are taking the USMLE as well then you can just bust it out the week between your USMLE and COMLEX… assuming you take the USMLE first like the majority of people do when taking both.

3. Learn it right the first time

This is pretty self-explanatory and once again this is a recommendation by me.

On the MCAT, I didn’t learn anything the first time. I went through the motions in college and paid big for it, I got an average score on the MCAT.

For my boards, I turned it around and learned the material right the first time!

Don’t be like MCAT Sean, be like COMLEX/USMLE Sean… learn it right the first time.

Learning a topic like OMM good the first time will really make the effort to reviewing it a lot easier. I say this because then it really does become just reviewing it as opposed to learning it during a short dedicated board prep time.

Please take the time to learn the material well the first time; it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to learn OMM well the first time.

CPM OMM will really help you to dive into the important aspects of OMM. I have really worked hard to make the course easy to follow and even more importantly time efficient. You will find that the style of CPM OMM will fit in nicely with whatever way you want to learn OMM.

If you want to learn OMM early and often and right the first time then use CPM OMM alongside your courses just like I recommend you do with Boards and Beyond, Pathoma, and Sketchy.

If you are also one of those people that plans to hit OMM in the week or few days before the COMLEX, and you have already learned OMM. Then by all means pick CPM OMM up for a month (for a sweet deal) and burn through the videos quickly.

The videos are not long, I designed them to be used in any way that you want, alongside classes or the week before/in-between.

Now before you go I have a question for you,

What way do you plan on studying OMM for the COMLEX?

Answer in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, Sean.

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