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50 Best Gifts for Medical Students

Gifts for medical students are pretty simple to come up with really. We like tacos and coffee. In reality who doesn’t like tacos and coffee, but I wanted to take a moment and go over 10 different categories of gifts and hit the top 5 best gifts for medical students in each category.

Each one of these is an incredibly useful and well thought out gift. So, if you are the parents, significant other, family member, or friend of a medical student you are going to want to pay attention and take note because your medical student will love all these gifts, and with 50 of them listed in one place you have a lot to choose from.

Here are the categories: (click each one to go see the gifts for medical students in that section)

  1. Stethoscopes
  2. Scrubs
  3. Books
  4. Memberships
  5. Med School tools
  6. Computers
  7. Coffee/Caffeine
  8. Headphones
  9. Exercise gear
  10. Backpacks

 Lets get into it!

Category #1: Stethoscopes

It is so important to have a nice stethoscope throughout medical school, but then again us medical students don’t need a super fancy stethoscope.

You see, these things are like cars.

There are cheap ones that constantly break and you can’t hear a person with a megaphone screaming in the other end of it.

Then you have the Rolls Royce type of stethoscopes where I can hear a bird chirp 3 miles away if I wear it type of thing.

We use stethoscopes to listen to the heart, lungs, and intestines on our patients. And using this tool allows us to really get a good idea of what is going on inside of the body.

So, we need a nice one, but not too nice because likelihood is that we will get a new one 5-10 years after we finish our training.

Let’s see 5 different awesome stethoscopes that make up 5 of the best gifts for medical students.

3M Littman Cardiology IV

This is the best all around stethoscope for your medical student. These are good enough quality that your student will be able to hear all those things they have been learning about, but not so expensive that when they lose it everyone freaks out.

This is a great option, and is the primary choice when it comes to most medical students.

Check it out here.

MDF Classic Cardiology

This is another awesome option because of the quality and price. Your student will be able to hear just about everything they need to hear in order to keep learning, but you won’t be breaking the bank.

Check it out here.

MDF Procardial Premier Cardiology

This is another great option in terms of price and quality. Personally I prefer to stick with the Littman brand myself, but many students have and will continue to swear by the MDF brand.

Check it out here.

Stethoscope Parts

Alright, so these great tools do fall apart from time to time and that is why I highly recommend if you are on a tighter budget but want to get something they will use, then stethoscope parts are a great option.

So many of my classmates have lost the ear buds, the diaphragm and many other parts of their stethoscope, for this reason I included the Littman stethoscope parts package.

Check it out here.

Littman Cardiology 3

This is an older model essentially, but still a great option if you are on a tight budget for your medical student.

While not quite as high quality as the Littman Cardiology 4, this will still allow your student to learn and grow, but the good thing is that it costs about half as much typically.

Check it out here.

Category #2: Scrubs

There are essentially two schools of thought when it comes to scrubs for medical students. Comfy or practical.

You can buy extremely expensive and comfy pairs of scrubs, but they cost a lot.

Or you can buy cheaper ones that don’t cost much, but they aren’t as comfy.

At the end of the day it is up to you, but all scrubs are pretty much like pajamas anyway, so I personnally always opt for the cheaper ones.

Unisex Cherokee V-Neck

These are an awesome option for the anatomy lab or out on rotations.

They are one of the “cheaper” pairs, but still a fantastic choice. This is the scrub that got me comfortably through medical school.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Dickies Scrubs

These are very similar to the Cherokee version listed above. Only difference is that these scrubs are said to be just a little stiffer, so if you want a cheaper set this is a good option, but I would still go with the Cherokee ones.

Check them out on Amazon here.


These are the expensive scrubs. These are the ones that all medical field workers love because they are just so comfortable and easy to wear.

If you want to spend a little more on your medical student this is an awesome gift for them.

These typically cost $100 for an entire set, but usually well worth the money based on comfort.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Amazon Scrubs

This is another great middle of the road option, very similar to the Cherokee scrubs we already talked about.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Barco Scrubs

These ones are a little more expensive then the Cherokee option, but with that little increase in price typically comes with an increase in comfort and these hold true to that.

Great option that is about half the price of Figs, but still very comfortable.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Category #3: Books

These are not going to be the textbooks that your medical student needs, because lets be honest a textbook is not a fun gift to get from someone.

These instead will be about life after medical school. From money to the practice of medicine, these are the best book gifts for medical students.

White Coat Investor

This is a great foundational book that will make all the difference in the initial trajectory of your medical students life.

From paying off debt to life insurance and personal finance this book will help your medical student create a financial life they want.

Check it out on Amazon here.

House of God

A great book to let your medical student in on the realities of practicing medicine and help them get ready to know the truths behind practicing medicine.

A great and quick read for your student.

Check it out on Amazon here.

The Millionaire Next Door

A common theme of these books is going to be helping your student understand the practice of medicine and how to best position themselves in the future, and this book does the latter.

Helping your student see the changes they can make early on in their career to have financial success later on is key. This book will walk them through all of the things they should and should not be doing financially.

Check it out here.

Man’s 4th Best Hospital

This is another great book to help your student learn what it is like to practice medicine. This book goes after a more bureaucratic side and unveils the reality of the business of medicine.

A great read to help them get a realistic sense of what practicing medicine is like.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Being Mortal

This is a great book that discusses the issues and complications that our healthcare system does surrounding the aging population and end of life care.

It is a great text for all medical students or those transitioning into residency.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Category #4: Memberships

Amazon Prime

Alright, this is likely one of the absolute best gifts for medical students.

From books to food to clothes, Amazon is basically essential for busy medical students.

Open up an Amazon Prime account for your student here.

Audible Free Trial Membership

This is a great way for your medical student to maintain their sanity and listen to a good book while they exercise or take a moment away from medical school studying.

This will help your medical student maintain their sanity and keep the focus they need to keep in order to thrive in medical school.

Open up an Audible membership for your student here.

Kindle Unlimited

Another fantastic option for your medical student to take a little bit of time away from medical studies and enjoy some casual reading. This doesn’t happen often, but with a membership like this your medical student will maintain their sanity a lot easier.

Sign your student up for Kindle Unlimited here.

Gym membership

This is so important.

Exercise helps to refocus and helps your medical student to concentrate. Not to mention it is so important for them to continue exercising during all their studies. Find the cheapest option near them.

Prime Video Channels

Help your student decompress after they have been studying all day long and give them a Prime Video Channels membership.

There are great options for bundling this service and others together for a cheap price. This is something the medical student can use to decompress at night or when they are enjoying their dinner.

Sign up for a free trial membership for your medical student here.

Category #5: Med School Tools

Suture Kit

This is once of the best gifts for medical students, hands down. They will absolutely use this a bunch!

This suture kit has all the pieces that the student will need to learn suturing efficiently and effectively during their schooling.

Check this one out on Amazon here.

Anatomy Lab Kit

Anatomy lab is tough!

Using a kit like this one is so important because it has all the tools that your student will need to dissect, clean, and identify all the structures that they have to in order to score well on their anatomy tests.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Anatomy Skull

In anatomy medical students are required to learn where all the cranial nerves come out of the skull. Having an actual anatomically correct skull to study off of is incredible helpful.

Here is my favorite one on Amazon.

OMM Table (DO Medical Students)

If your Osteopathic medical student is particularly interested in Osteopathic Manipulation, then this is a great gift for them to continue to learn and to practice their skills.

This table is a fantastic strong table that is sturdy enough, mobile enough, and compact enough for them to store it in their dorm/small apartment and still be able to get it out easy enough to use it.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Alright alright alright, I know what you are thinking. Seriously highlighters?

If your medical student learns best by reading and highliging notes, then they are going to go through a ton of highlighters. This package has a bunch of different colors and this will allow your student to have multiple different notes that they easily read on the same page.

Get my favorite highlighters on Amazon here.

Category #6: Computers

Dell xps9560-700-1slv Plus

This computer has enough power to do all that your medical student needs.

Your student will likely be taking tests on their computer, so it is important to have an updated system that has a fast processor. This computer has a quick and efficient I-7 processor to help your medical student get everything done that they need to and then some.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Microsoft Surface

This computer is an awesome mix between small and efficient and powerful. This computer will save a ton of space and be extremely easy for your medical student to lug around and do all that

Check it out on Amazon here.

13.3 inch Macbook Air

About half of all medical students are going to be Mac people. If your medical student is a mac person, then this is the best laptop for them.

It is a great streamline option that can do all that they need it to do.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Acer Aspire 5

This laptop is a great all around option for your medical student. It isn’t one of those expensive apple options, or the other expensive products. If you want your medical student to have a great laptop that will do all that they need it to do on a budget then this is a great choice.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Dell Inspiron

This laptop while being the cheapest option, offers a lot to desire. With the amount of RAM and processing power that this computer has your student should be able to get done what they need to get done.

Personally, I would go for the Acer Aspire or the Microsoft Surface as opposed to this one, but for those that are on a budget, the Dell Inspiron is a good choice.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Category #7: Coffee/Caffiene

Classic Folgers Style

This one is self explanatory. The cheap and easy caffeine, that will do the job with enough creamer.

Get it here on Amazon, and send it directly to your medical student.

Genius Caffiene

When I found these awesome capsules I was able to focus a whole lot more and had the energy needed to power through all the studying. These capsules don’t wear off quickly like coffee or energy drinks do, they are a sustained energy that will make a world of difference in your medical students life.

Order them right here on Amazon.

Coffee Maker

Any old coffee machine will do in my opinion. The Mr. Coffee is a cheap and easy machine to use. It is not fancy by any means, but will be dependable and will always get the job done.

Check out my favorite machine on Amazon here.

Customized Medical Student Coffee Mug

This is an awesome option just for fun.

Make sure your student has a fun mug they need to stay caffeinated and focused for their studying.

Order it on Amazon right here.

Nice Large Thermos

This will help to keep the coffee nice and warm for multiple hours at a time. If your students coffee is continually warm and ready, this will save your student time leading to more studying and ultimately better grades.

Here is one of my favorites on Amazon.

Category #8: Headphones

I will start by saying, I have not tried each one of these, so the information provided in this section is based off of other reviews from individuals that have used these products.

Headphones are important for medical students because a lot of people study with music on, and sometimes your student will be in the library studying and they will need to block out the noise of others.

Beats by Dr. Dre

Beats by Dr. Dre are an awesome option that have great sound quality and will make your medical students life a lot easier.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Apple Air Pods

If your student is an Apple buff, then these are going to be the headphones for them.

They are a wireless set of earbuds that are great quality and are all around incredibly popular.

This is one of those situations that price is a little higher, but typically this has to do with the fact that the Apple Air Pods are a solid option for your medical student and they will be dependable and reliable as long as your student doesn’t lose these tiny things.

That is the main downside when it comes to Apple Air Pods, they are small and easily lost.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Bose Quiet Comfort

These are an awesome full head option for headphones. These have great noise cancelling abilities as well as wireless use. Keeping it wireless is incredibly important because this allows students to move about a room, (from whiteboard to computer for example) and not worry about the cord.

Check them out here on Amazon.

Bose Sound Sport Free

This is another great product from Bose, and this one is every bit as good as the quiet comfort headphones. Difference between this one and that one is the fact that the Bose Sound sport free headphones are small ear buds as opposed to the quiet comfort model.

This difference comes into play in the sense that if your medical student is into smaller ear phones then these would be the Bose set up to go with. On the other hand if your medical student prefers the larger headphone style then go with the Bose Quiet comfort.

Check them out on Amazon here

Senheiser HD1 Free

This is another awesome wireless option for medical students. Up until this point we have been talking about headphones that I am sure you have heard of and know a lot about. These are the headphones you don’t know much about, and because of that they are a cheaper brand.

You get some great value with these headphones. They do all the important things that the big name brand headphones do, but they are a lot cheaper when it comes to the price.

If you are on a budget but still looking for a great gift for your medical student then be sure to check these headphones out.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Category #9: Exercise Gear

Exercise bands

This set of exercise bands is touted as one of the best sets on Amazon.

If you want a good gift for medical students that can help keep them healthy, focused, and sane then this would be a good option.

If your medical student is into exercising at home, these exercise bands have great utility and versatility.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Adjustable Dumbells

These are a little more on the expensive side, so be sure that your medical student loves exercise before you buy.

Having these dumbbells makes home workouts so much easier for students. This negates the need to go out to the gym, because your student will have the chance to lift heavier weights at home.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Gym Clothes

Self explanatory, ask them what they need and get their favorites.

Get on Amazon and check out all the different options.

P90X Videos

These videos are a fantastic way for your medical student to not have to stop and think about what kind of workout they want to do. Having these videos your student will be able to basically have a trainer in their home and this will free up all kinds of time for them.

When your medical student saves time, they can study more!

These videos changed my life in medical school, they allowed me to stay in shape and stay focused.

Check it out on Amazon right here.

Home yoga mat for the yogi students out there

Why not get your yogi medical student the best yoga mat on Amazon?

Check it out on Amazon here.

Category #10: Backpacks

Timbuck 2 Authority Pack

This is a lightweight backpack that holds a 17 inch laptop, and has plenty of room for all the other things that your medical student might need to take with them.

Check it out on Amazon here.

HP Power Up Backpack

This has all of the awesome things that the Timbuck Authority pack has, as well as a battery pack to help keep your medical students phone and laptop charged up and ready to study, even if all the outlets are taken in the library.

Check out this awesome backpack on Amazon here

Mancro Laptop Backpack

This backpack will get the job done. It has a built in charging port. The base backpack itself doesn’t come with the battery for charging, but it is easy enough to pick one up right here.

Having the option to charge electronics in your backpack is a huge gamechanger for medical students. This way they aren’t looking for a charging port in the library and instead they can focus on studying.

This backpack is big enough to carry everything that your medical student may need for a long day of studying.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Ebags Professional Slim

The cool features of this backpack are the coating on the outside of it (water resistant), the lockable zippers, and the huge amount of storage space it has. Some of the concerns with this bag are the weight and then the detachable shoulder straps can get hung up sometimes.

Overall though, this would be a good option if your medical student is in medical school in an area that rains frequently and without warning!

Check it out on Amazon here.

Northface Pivoter Backpack

This is a good option for the medical students that carry a slightly smaller laptop. The laptop sleeve in this backpack is 15 inches. So, be sure your medical students laptop isn’t too large.

One of the best things about this backpack is the comfort that it offers in the padded mesh shoulder straps and back.

Check it out on Amazon here.

So, there you have it, those are the 50 best gifts for medical students. If you end up picking up one or more of those gifts for medical students listed, then you can rest assured that not only is it a good gift, but it is a gift that will be used and needed from your medical student.

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