A COMLEX Level-2 CE Study Plan: Learn how I scored a 779.

Hey how’s it going? I want to tell you about a COMLEX level 2 study plan, that helped me score a 779.

I am stoked to be writing about this COMLEX Level 2 CE study plan, as it seems to be something that everyone is super concerned about come third year.

This is also something that is near and dear to my heart, and I mostly mean standardized testing. That’s kind of weird to say, but after going through medical school, standardized testing becomes a way of life.

My Back Story

You see, before medical school my standardized testing history was pretty bad. My MCAT score was less than impressive and my GPA was just downright average.

So, for me to go from a low MCAT score to 97th percentile on both COMLEX Level-1 and Level-2 CE exams was quite a feat. And no, it is not because I am some super awesome COMLEX ninja (although that might be an okay title… except I think I’d rather be a USMLE ninja…. but that’s besides the point here).

I did well for one reason, because I was committed and dedicated (I guess that is kind of two reasons).

So, because of my success I wanted to write about my 5 tips to do well on the COMLEX level 2 CE.

Also, if you are stressed out about test day, you can check out my 10 test day tips here. The test day tips are more centered around how you can have a good and smooth test day.

So, now onto the good stuff

There is no universal group of resources to study for COMLEX Level-2 CE like there is for COMLEX Level-1, and this can be incredibly frustrating. That is why I wanted to take a moment and do this write up for my readers so you can see what I used and how I used it during third year to get to  a successful score of 779 on COMLEX level 2 CE.

So, I will break this article down by resource and then the pros/cons of those and finally how I used the resource to absolutely own my COMLEX. You will also see the study schedule that helped me get a 254 Step-2 CK score, and a 779 Level-2 CE score.

These five tips can be used for USMLE Step 2 CK prep as well.

  • Tip 1: Resources
  • Tip 2: My Schedule
  • Tip 3: How to study
  • Tip 4: When to study
  • Tip 5: Most efficient way to study

Tip 1: Resources for COMLEX level 2 ce

1. UWorld:

So, First and foremost UWorld! Everyone knows that this is the obvious resource you absolutely have to use.

So, how long of a subscription and should it include the standardized exams?

A 1 year subscription starting at the beginning of third year is really the ideal option. This timeline allows you to use it through 3rd year and then reset it for your dedicated time.

So, beyond the length of subscription it is important that you buy the package with the UWSA exams in it as well.

You need to buy the UWSA exams for two reasons.

The first reason is they are a much better predictor of your actual knowledge base than the NBME’s are.

The second reason is that they have explanations whereas the NBME exams do not. So, they offer you an opportunity to learn from the questions.

And yes I know, here I am talking about the COMLEX and I haven’t mentioned the COMSAE exams at all, well that is because they are garbage for learning and style.

I took one COMSAE and it was within 50 points of my actual score, so it was a decent predictor. With that being said the question style on the COMSAE was way different than the COMLEX and the COMSAE did not offer any explanations. So, long story short you could probably take one COMSAE and call it good.

comlex level 2 study plan
The Struggle is real…


This was not part of my dedicated Level-2 prep, it was part of my COMAT prep throughout third year. I included it here because I truly believe that the best Level-2 CE prep came in the form of hard work throughout third year for the COMAT’s.

I made sure to hammer out a couple hundred COMQUEST COMAT questions at the end of each rotation before I took the COMAT.

I won’t go into the details here about COMQUEST, but in the future posts I will be discussing my use of COMQUEST for the COMAT’s.

You can check out how I used COMQUEST right here.

3. Amboss:

Hands down, I wish I used AMBOSS more often in third year.

The way that I did use AMBOSS was really two fold. I did the questions in conjunction with Uworld, so after I would do my UWorld I would make sure to do 10-15 Amboss questions.

The second way I used AMBOSS was during rounds and in the hospital for the learning card library.

You can check out my article on AMBOSS and the pros and cons of it.

4. Online Med Ed:

I was a huge fan of OME as long as you can pony up the dough for the premium package. I say this because the videos are great, and if you are a visual learner and you enjoy watching lectures then they can be great overviews in my opinion.

The videos have an awesome what I like to call “1,000 foot approach”. The videos are great at giving you a huge overview of the important topics.

If there was one complaint that I have about OME it is the fact that they miss some details that I believe are important.

This is where the notes come into play. The notes go into some details and are easy to follow alongside and after you watch the videos.

So, with this being said I used the premium version of OME (my school bought our class the subscription).

If you can pony up to dough to purchase the premium subscription then OME is one of the best resources in 3rd year. The notes gave me an outline and basically a textbook of information to use throughout the year.

So, that is really the gist of the resources I used and why I liked them so much.

Make sure you are consistent and your knowledge and ability to answer questions will grow exponentially.

Tip 2: My COMLEX Level 2 Study Plan

The key to doing well on Level-2 or Step-2 is just being consistent. Just try to do some questions each day and to read something each day.

I am a huge fan of finding the same time each day to work on your practice questions. Now I know exactly what you are thinking, “well Sean, how am I supposed to do questions at the same time each day when my schedule is so different each rotation?”

The answer is simple, do them in the morning BEFORE YOUR ROTATION STARTS. I prefer to do my questions in the morning because not only am I fresh, but I know (with the exception of surgery) that before 6am most mornings during 3rd year are mine. I have that time to do questions each day.

So, I basically would do 15-20 Uworld/AMBOSS questions every day in the morning before I would go to clinic or the hospital.

Tip 3: How to study for comlex level 2 ce

So, how did I put all of this together in a successful way to absolutely rock the COMLEX Level-2 CE and Step-2 CK?

Studying in 3rd year is harder than trying to study during the first two years. Your schedule is not your own schedule anymore, and there is no uniform plan like the UFAPS in the first two years.

So, the focus in 3rd year becomes how to read as much as possible and also how can you do as many questions as possible.

So, to reiterate do your questions in the morning.

The key to doing questions is to do questions that apply to the rotation you are on. Now you would think this is common sense, but it is easily overlooked sometimes.

If you are on OB/GYN, then do OB/GYN questions every day. Same thing holds true for the other rotations as well.

The only caveat here is that before you do your surgery rotation if you have not done Internal Medicine questions, make sure you mix the surgery questions in with some IM questions (mostly Pulm and GI questions in IM).

The second important part is to keep a book or two with you to read. There is a ton of downtime on rotations because your preceptor will chart or be putting in orders and you can’t do anything during that time. So read. Pick yourself up a copy of pocket medicine or simply read uptodate on your patients. The important thing here is that you have something to read and study while your preceptor is busy with the duties of their job.

Tip 4: When to study for comlex level 2 ce

This has been mentioned throughout the article, but I feel like it is important to put it into its own section here for you article scanners out there.

The most important time to do questions is in the morning. This way it is when you are the freshest and you are virtually guaranteed to have most mornings before 6am free for most of your rotations.

Now, so many of you are going to say that before 6am is too early. What I have to say to that is, well then find a part of the day that you won’t be interrupted by preceptors and that you will be energized and do your questions at that time.

The other important point to make here is when you can get your reading in.

You need to read throughout each rotation. The best time to do this is throughout the day.

So, in between patients, at lunch, while your preceptor is charting and you are sitting there twiddling your thumbs. Read about the patients that day, by doing this it will help things stick a whole lot easier.

When you get home at night, go over the same stuff in another textbook or look it up in the AMBOSS library.

Basically, take whatever chance you can throughout the day to read and then re-read it when you get home for the night (if you aren’t too tired).

Tip 5: Most efficient way to study for comlex level-2 ce

The absolute most efficient way to study in 3rd year involves two components.

The first one is doing questions. There have been so many studies that have shown that forcing you to recall information in the way that questions do will help with long term retention.

Not only are questions the best way to learn, but if you think about it you are basically practicing for the big test day. I like to compare doing questions to practicing basketball. You wouldn’t just read about basketball to get ready for a big game right? I would hope that you would get out and practice shooting and dribbling on the court. The truth is, this is exactly what you need to be doing for COMLEX and USMLE. You need to be doing questions to not only learn but to practice for COMLEX and USMLE.

The second way to study is reading about the stuff you have seen that day on your rotation. The old adage of see one, do one, teach one hold true.

If you see the patient, go read about the patient, then you will discuss and have questions about the patient with your preceptor.

This coupled with questions can really create a style of learning that will lead to long term retention.

Related FAQ’s

What Should You study for the COMLEX Level 2?

Questions, questions, and more questions are so essential to your COMLEX Level 2 study plan. The more you do the better. Time management is more difficult during 3rd year, you are at the beckon call of your attending, and your schedule is not yours anymore.

Being efficient is key.

Focus on doing questions from Uworld and COMQUEST.

Is COMLEX Level 2 Easy?

It is not an “easy” test by any means. When you compare it to level 1, then yes the COMLEX level 2 is easy. This is just because it is more clinically oriented, so it is easier to study for.

The test is much more applicable and that makes studying for it much easier.

What is a good COMLEX Level 2 Score?

This depends on the specialty you want to pursue. The mean is typically around 550, and a “good” score would be anything above 600 in most opinions.

If you manage to score >700 on the COMLEX Level 2, then you are doing great.

Is COMQUEST enough for Level 2?

In a crunch, yes it would be.

If at all possible please do both Uworld and COMQUEST.

Then supplement with CPM OMM.

How Many Questions is COMLEX Level 2?

There are 352 questions on the COMLEX Level 2.

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