Best backpacks for medical school
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Best Backpacks for Medical School

The best backpacks for medical school are ones that are durable, spacious, and look great! For this reason I highly recommend the Swiss gear 1900, the Kopack, and the slim and durable Matein backpack. After 4 years of medical school and the many hours of research into the topic, I am confidant that  one of these bags will be a fantastic and durable option for you. Check out more details on the best backpacks for medical school below

Summary: Best Backpacks for Medical School

Swiss Gear 1900 Best Overall

Best backpacks for medical school

The Kopack

best backpacks for medical school


Best backpacks for medical school


  • Scan Smart Technology
  • High Airflow backpanels
  • USB charging capabilities
  • Padded 17″ laptop pocket
  • Floating Tablet pocket
  • Large Side Pockets
  • Lower back padding and mesh support


  • Hidden laptop pocket
  • External USB Charging port
  • 10+ organizable pockets
  • Lockable Zippers
  • Anti-puncture material
  • 15.6 inch laptop pocket or can get the 17 inch laptop pocket


  • Large laptop pocket
  • Hidden anti theft pocket
  • External USB charging port
  • High airflow backpadding
  • Durable  polyester Fabric
  • Waterproof fabric

Backpack #1: Swiss gear 1900

Best backpacks for medical school


  • Scan Smart Technology: To make it easier and quicker to get through airport security for residency interviews
  • High Airflow backpanels to avoid discomfort
  • Extra cushion adjustable shoulder straps
  • USB charging capabilities
  • Padded 17 inch laptop carrying space
  • Additional floating tablet space near the padded laptop space
  • Large breathable side pockets that can fit large water bottles, as well as umbrellas
  • Lower back padding and mesh support

This is an extremely durable backpack made with ballistic polyester, so you know it is ready to withstand the rigors of med school life.  This backpack is ready to hold up to a 17 inch laptop. Another awesome option with this bag are the many different color options it comes in.

The back on this bag is very sturdy with an air flow designed system to make sure your back can stay cool while lugging around all your medical school notes and gear.  If you go to medical school in an area of the country that it rains a bunch, the waterproof material on this bag will be a life saver in protecting critical notes for exams, as well as your expensive laptop.

The majority of people that use this bag have gotten at least three years of use out of it before it starts to break down at all.

One of the coolest features of this backpack though is the fact that it is designed for airport security and travel. This means it will make the perfect quick pack backpack for medical residency interviews.

One problem with this bag is the simple fact that the zippers can get caught and have been shown to wear out a little faster then the bag itself.

So, if this is the best backpack for medical school for you, then be sure to not zip the zippers to forcefully, this will prolong the life of the backpack and really make it last throughout all of your medical education


  • Lightweight
  • Durable: Made of ballistic polyester
  • Heavily Padded interior 17 inch laptop and tablet pockets
  • Tons of storage space
  • Comfortable padded back design with high airflow between your back and the backpack.
  • USB charging port
  • Smart Scan technology for the laptop in airport security
  • Swissgear brand


  • Cheap zippers
  • More expensive then others
  • Customer service for backpack warranty can be tough

What the reviews say

“I still LOVE this pack”. “Very Sturdy, with great padding and the airflow channel in the back is great!”

“Very Large pockets everywhere, the side pockets are 12 inches deep and fit all my different water bottles.”

“Money well spent and protects my laptop”

Overall Recommendation

The Swiss gear 1900 backpack is hands down one of the best backpacks for medical school. You will have plenty of space as well as protection for your electronics as you go back and forth to the library and home.

You can’t go wrong with the Swiss Gear 1900.

Backpack #2: The Kopack

best backpacks for medical school



  • Hidden laptop pocket, designed to only be able to access your laptop after you remove the backpack from your back
  • External USB Charging port
  • With 10+ slots for organizing and storing your items, you shouldn’t have to dig around in your bag to find anything
  • Lockable Zippers
  • Strong anti-puncture material
  • 15.6 inch laptop pocket or can get the 17 inch laptop pocket

Not only is the Kopack backpack durable, strong, and lightweight but it also has plenty of style to it as well. The Kopack backpack is made out of anti-scratch material and has built into it anti theft, and anti puncture zippers as well. The zippers are what is known as double zippers, so the likelihood of one of your items inside puncturing and opening the zipper is not going to happen.

With the many pockets available to you, you will easily be able to access your umbrella in quick and wet situations or get to your drink on the side of the bag. This bag is sleek, convenient, and will hold all the goods that you need it to. It also has some extra added reinforcement to the lower end of the straps to ensure that the straps are tight and secure.

The Kopack backpack is easily one of the best backpacks for medical school.


  • Lightweight
  • Slim Design
  • Strong fabric and zippers
  • A lot of storage space
  • Anti scratch fabric
  • External USB charging port


  • Lack of padding in the laptop compartment
  • Smaller size overall
  • Side pockets can’t hold large water bottles

What the reviews say:

“This is the best tech backpack for the money!”

“Fit my laptop with ease, and had plenty of room for my lunch and other materials.”

“Heavy duty backpack that is perfect for school use.”

“Spot on, light, durable, and perfect for everything I need.”

Overall recommendation

The kopack backpack is going to be a sturdy reliable option that has many different options to make your life easier. This is definitely one of the best backpacks for medical school, and you wouldn’t go wrong if you bought it and used it all through your education.

Backpack #3: The Matein

Best backpacks for medical school


  • Large laptop pocket
  • Hidden anti theft pocket
  • External USB charging port
  • Airflow designed back padding
  • Durable, water resistant polyester fabric
  • Made for Luggage
  • Highly organizable
  • Multiple Color options
  • Extra pocket for tablet

The reason that this backpack makes the list of the best backpacks for medical school is simply because of what it offers for the price. This high quality durable backpack, will do the job on a budget.

This backpack also has a cool feature that it was built to sit on top of your luggage in the airport. So, not only is this one of the best backpacks for medical school, but it is also extremely useful for your residency interviews that require a lot of travel!

This bag has multiple pockets that allow for quick and efficient organization and finding of what you need. The front pocket is great for small things such as wallets, phones, and keys. The many different pockets within the front compartment allow for good and efficient organization so you won’t go digging for the keys on your way to your car.

This bag is one of the best backpacks for medical school, hands down.


  • Separate laptop compartment with an additional pocket for tablets
  • The luggage strap to secure the backpack on top of you wheel around luggage
  • Water resistant material
  • Anti theft small pocket in the back padding to protect your valuables


  • Small laptop compartment, the 17 inch laptop compartment bag is 2x the price, so if you have a bigger laptop you will pay more for the space.
  • Backpadding not as comfortable or ergonomically designed as other bags

What the reviews say:

“Best purchase I have made on Amazon, I would give it 10 stars if I could.”

“ Perfect Backpack, I absolutely Love it!”

“I am very impressed with this bag!”

Overall Recommendation

The matein backpack is a great option for you. This backpack has all the space and comfort you will need. If you are looking for the best backpack for medical school, then the Matein backpack won’t let you down. It has plenty of space, and plenty of comfort as well.

How were these backpacks chosen?

The research

In trying to find the best backpack for medical school, the research process was pretty straightforward. Not only did we draw from our experience in medical school in selecting what we thought would be the best backpack for medical school, but we utilized the information available on Amazon to conduct large reviews ourselves of the bags.

The information in this article is extremely accurate simply because it draws upon not only a few individuals experiences with the backpacks being described, but it dives into the hundreds of reviews on each bag via Amazon reviews.

The intention of using the reviews from Amazon to describe the backpacks in detail throughout this post was in effort to make you an informed buyer before you ever click over to the backpack page on  Amazon.

Why you should trust me

Simply put, I am not just a random website writer here to discuss with you the best backpacks for medical school. I have been through medical school, and I know the beating that our bags take on a daily basis.

After going through a few different backpacks in the undergraduate days, I became obsessed with finding quality bags that would last me throughout the rest of my education. Having a bag that not only lasts for a long time, but is also comfortable and roomy enough is so important.

I strongly believe that this short list of the three best backpacks for medical school is just that, a quick guide to help you make a good decision on a bag that will last you all throughout your time in medical school, and even beyond in residency.

Who is this for

This article is really for a few different people. The first and most obvious would be the individual that is about to start medical school and is looking for the absolute best backpack for medical school. This article provides a straightforward and quick review of some of the highest quality backpacks out there for school.

If you are starting medical school soon, and don’t feel like you have the time to do your own review of the best backpacks for medical school, then this guide is a great resource for you.

The second person that this article was written for is the parents of the soon to be medical students.

If you are a parent of a soon to be medical student, or you are the parent of a current medical student then I am sure you have been concerned with how important it is for your medical student to have a high quality bag to carry all the things they have to on a daily basis.

This article was written for you as well. I wanted to help weed out all the bags out there and dispel any questions. This guide of only 3 backpacks makes choosing a high quality bag easy for you to do.

Why you/your student need one of these best backpacks for medical school

These backpacks will make your life a lot easier in medical school. In todays medical school world we don’t have to carry a ton of books like they did back in the day, we just need a comfortable bag that can hold our laptop safely and carry one or maybe two books.

Each one of these bags on this list do exactly that. They are slim in design, strong material, comfortable breathable back padding, and each one of them have a padded area for your laptop.

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