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I am stoked to write about this today.  This is a topic that comes up time and time again…

Many osteopathic medical students wants to know what COMLEX specific question bank full of practice questions they should be using, and after trying out the two major ones out there I am excited to share with you which one is leaps and bounds above the other.

Why COMQUEST is one of the best

COMQUEST (Get 15% off by using code CPM15 at checkout), is the ABSOLUTE BEST COMLEX specific Q-Bank on the market right now when comlex-usa level 1 or level 2.

COMQUEST does a great job of covering basic sciences and clinical sciences. This is important because level 1 and level 2 are a good mixture of both types of test questions, and this Q-Bank really helps you sift through answer choices and is incredibly similar to the actual exam.

Other nice things about COMQUEST are the detailed explanations, number of questions the Q-Bank has, a focus on competency domains like the real exam, and then showing you percentage of students who got questions right so you can compare your incorrect answers percentage to many others using this Q-Bank.

COMQUEST’s Detailed Explanations

After you answer a question you will get fantastic in depth explanations that will really help you fully understand a certain topic. Having explanations that are great really helps you focus on what you need to focus on in second year and third year of medical school, because you can get lost in all the different ways to study and even worse all of the study materials out there.

When you compare this to different question banks that focus on the COMLEX, you will quickly see a notable difference when it comes to the quality of questions and the explanations.

These explanations can be so good and to the point that this Q-Bank can serve as a primary resource for clinical rotations, shelf exams, but I still wouldn’t use it as your primary resource for Level 1 or Level 2 studying. When it comes to the best primary resource for boards, I still recommend the uworld question bank, but as a secondary resource or if you are looking for a COMLEX specific question bank, then COMQUEST is hands down the best.

Do you Really Need a COMLEX Specific Question Bank

This is exactly what many osteopathic medical students think throughout the first few years in medical school, and with good reason, many of these resources can get expensive.

The answer to this question is a resounding, yes and no.

The time when a COMLEX specific question bank is helpful is if you have spent a fair amount of time with other resources and you would like to spend time with specific topics that are only relevant to the COMLEX board exams, that you won’t find in other resources.

These are topics like those weird legal questions that you can’t really learn about anywhere else except here.

A time when you don’t need a COMLEX specific Q-Bank is when you really only have limited time and your study plan just doesn’t have room for another resource. If you have only a few weeks of a dedicated study period, then focusing on more high yield resources is a better option.

Why COMQUEST is better than other resources (COMLEX Specific ones)

COMQUEST is way better than the competition because the style of questions, the explanations, and the type of questions.

The style of questions is important to consider when thinking about the COMLEX. There is a unique way the NBOME asks questions on their professional exams, and COMQUEST does a fantastic job of recreating this style.

I think that anyone who has taken any COMLEX or COMAT exam would be in 100% agreeance with me on the fact that there are some pretty “special” ways that normal diseases are presented on the COMLEX or COMAT.

There are a lot of people out there that will argue that you don’t need to get a COMLEX specific question bank just for the question style, and I used to be one of these people.

 After all the time spent prepping for and taking these exams I can say that using a COMLEX specific question bank will make a huge difference in your mindset and ability to do well on the real deal.

This is key, because when sitting down to take the COMLEX or COMAT you can be really surprised at the style of questioning and the presentation of typical diseases.

It is extremely different then UWorld, for example. So to avoid this shock factor and to make for an easier test day experience, it really is important to have an idea of what you are getting into.

Another area in which COMQUEST really stands out is the explanations to their questions. This is HUGE, because the point of doing question banks is to learn right? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy a question bank that has explanations that aren’t worth much.

The explanations that COMQUEST provides can really help you learn from the mistake you made on a missed question, or if you got the question right they will help that concept stick for a long time to come.

Other companies provide a lot of one liner explanations, or explanations that just simply aren’t worth much.

COMQUEST does a fantastic job with making sure there is an in-depth explanation and if that isn’t enough for you they will typically have a link to their course of information.

Question Style

The last point that makes COMQUEST stick out is the fact that they have some very unique questions that aren’t found anywhere else.

I think anyone that has taken a COMLEX or COMAT will agree with me, that there are just some questions you feel like you can’t prepare for… and rightfully so because these tests are trying to test our ability to think.

Well, COMQUEST has been able to create questions just like this. They have such unique questions that I have only seen that topic presented by them. This is important because the uniqueness of their topics also comes up on COMLEX and COMAT exams.

There are some topics that may seem very unique on exam day, and I would urge you to pay attention to those same questions that seem unique when you are doing COMQUEST questions. I am not saying those exact questions show up on COMLEX or COMAT, but I am saying that the topic is important to know and understand.

As you can see, there really is a need for you to have a COMLEX specific question bank. I didn’t want to believe it when I first started either, but the only place UWorld lacks in regards to COMLEX prep is with its style compared to COMLEX exam question… which in all fairness it is not a COMLEX geared question bank so it makes sense they wouldn’t focus on this right?

COMQUEST does an unbelievable job of mirroring the real feel and style of the COMLEX and COMAT exams.

Oh, speaking about the COMAT exams… COMQUEST does a fantastic job with their COMAT series in creating questions that are great for the COMATs.

I truly believe that the COMQUEST COMAT series is one of the reasons I did great during third year. I used the specific COMQUEST COMAT question bank on each rotation.

If at this point you are thinking about purchasing COMQUEST. I would say to do the math on the different packages they offer. You can save a TON of cash on bundling a say the COMLEX Level-1 question bank with the COMAT question bank series.

The cool thing about this is that the COMAT tests don’t start to tick down on the days you have the subscription until you activate the subscription.

With the Bundle you get 3 months with each COMAT… so you don’t actually need 3 months of each one… but it is still cheaper than buying each one for only the month… so save yourself some cash and get the bundle with the 3 month subscriptions.

Oh, and to save EVEN MORE cash use the code: CPM15 at checkout.


Other Related FAQ’s

What Question Bank is most similar to COMLEX?

This is such a common question, and hands down the most similar is COMQUEST. Sure, there are question in the COMBANK q-bank for the COMLEX series that are very similar to the real deal, but at the end of the day the question bank that is most similar to COMLEX is going to be COMQUEST.


I personally think for COMLEX prep, COMQUEST is better. It has more question diversity, better explanations, and more reputable resources cited.

You could use both if you have time, but I would place more importance on COMQUEST.

Check this article out for more details.

Is the COMLEX easy?

COMLEX is not an easy test. You should prep hard for it and take it very seriously. The moment you don’t take it serious it will creep up and bite you hard.

Get serious about your test prep.

Is COMBANK easier than COMLEX?

I think so. The questions are more first and second order on COMBANK than they are on the COMLEX. This response also depends on what section of test you get. Sometimes the test can be easier than some COMBANK questions though.

I would say in general, COMBANK is easier than COMLEX, but there are parts that aren’t.

How to study for the COMLEX Level 1?

Check out this full write up on how I scored a 704 on COMLEX Level 1.

How many questions in COMQUEST Q-Bank?

It constantly varies. You can expect somewhere in the 2,000-2,500 range though.


Well, there you have it. There are a lot of details related to finding a great question bank that is specific to the COMLEX series of exams.

After you go through and really build a great foundation using other resources as mentioned above, a good resource like COMQUEST can make a huge difference for you.

Thanks for reading

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