best tablet for medical school

Best Tablet for Medical School, Top 3: Which One is Right For You?

The best tablet for medical school is not an easy question to answer. There are many factors that go into the decision and it really depends on your needs. If you need a tablet for presentations then I would recommend the Surface Pro or iPad Pro. If you want a device with more storage space, then I would choose the Galaxy Tab S4 over those two devices because it has 128GB of storage!

Why you need a Tablet For Medical School

Tablets are best for portability and ease of use. You can carry around a tablet much more easily than you can your laptop, especially when it comes to medical school where you are constantly surrounded by books!

Having additional space is always nice as well because if you ever need to download video or something else that takes up lots of storage then having extra room will be useful.

Medical students are always watching videos and downloading books or notes. Having a small portable device that isn’t your phone makes this so much easier.

I personally loved having my tablet and laptop on my desk, as I would watch videos on my tablet I could take notes on my laptop.

Having a tablet in medical school will make your life a whole lot easier!

Summary Table

Best Tablet

Most Compact

Best Apple One

best tablet for medical school
Microsoft Surface Pro

best tablet for medical school
Galaxy Tab S7
best tablet for medical school
Apple Ipad Pro

#1 Best Tablet for Medical School: My Pick

The Surface Pro is the best tablet for medical school, it runs Windows and is compatible with Microsoft Office. This means that you can do basically everything on your tablet!

Additionally, the Surface Pro has a ‘Type Cover’ which turns the device into an actual laptop. It has its own keyboard and track pad so if you need to type something out at any point this will be useful.

best tablet for medical school

The best part about the Surface Pro is that it has a detachable keyboard, so if you need to take notes in class or use your tablet as a lecture note-taker this will be great!

Additionally, the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system (Windows) runs best on Intel processors and works best with touch screens.

Seriously the Microsoft surface pro is a great tablet and technically it can be a laptop as well.

With the battery life being up to 10.5 hours on this device, you don’t have to stress all day about charging it and/or finding a plug. Just charge it at night while you are sleeping and you should be good to go.

This is easily one of my favorite and hands down one of the best medical school tablets! The versatility and dependability of it are honestly second to none.

If you are a Microsoft person, then you are gonna love using this sweet little tablet/laptop!

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#2 Best Tablet For Medical School: My Pick

Galaxy Tab S7 is the second choice for best tablet for medical school.

The best part about the Galaxy Tab S is that it has a built in keyboard, which means if you need to take notes or look something up without using your finger then this will be great!

Additionally, unlike previous models of Samsung devices (and even other newer ones like the Note) there are no compatibility issues with Android and Microsoft Office.

Two of the most notable features with this tablet is the large 12.2 inch screen and the super fast processor.

With a screen that big you will definitely enjoy your sketchy and pathoma videos more!

The big screen also makes taking notes a lot easier, and gives you the space you need to not feel like you are constantly scrolling on your note screen.

With the Qualcomm octa core processor, you will have such a smooth and consistent performance with this tablet! Freezing and slow electronics are my biggest pet peeve, and with a processor like this one you won’t experience that!

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#3 Best tablet for Medical School: My Pick

Alright for you Apple people, I didn’t leave you out! The iPad Pro is the next best tablet for medical school.

If you are an apple person, then this is probably best because it has everything that the ‘Apple Ecosystem’ offers!

While I personally don’t love Apple devices, they do have some cool features like pressure sensitivity and a nice big screen!

The best part about the iPad is definitely its compatibility with apple products. This means that you can make notes on your phone and instantly transfer them to your tablet!

Things like the large screen, storage options, keyboard option, and long battery life make the iPad pro a great option.

I have never been much of an Apple person myself, but this is a tablet I could get behind using for medical school.

The large screen makes it so easy to use and as I mentioned above, makes it so you don’t have to scroll and scroll when taking notes.

And having an option for a keyboard makes this an obvious choice because the keyboard makes everything so much faster when it comes to note taking!

Then, having choices for storage is nice because if you keep videos or photos on your iPad then you can spend a little more and get the one with more storage. If not, then save your pennies and get the one with less storage.

This is a fantastic option, especially if you are of the Apply fan club!

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What to consider in buying a tablet

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to buying a tablet for medical school.

The best option is going to be the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle!

If you are more of an Apple person then probably get the iPad Pro, if not then I recommend getting either the Galaxy Tab or Microsoft Surface pro.

In terms of size I would say that it depends on your preference. If you like a bigger screen, then go for the Galaxy Tab or iPad Pro

On the other hand if you want something more portable and lightweight, then go with either of those two!

The best thing to do is really just try out different tablets and see what best fits your lifestyle!

Battery Life

Battery life is so important to think about when it comes to buying a tablet.

You need something that will last you through the long day of classes and studying! I would say on average people use their tablets for about two hours every day, so make sure your tablet can handle that with ease.

One of the most annoying things is having to constantly have your tablet plugged in. So this becomes one of the first things I look at with tablets, and I like to make sure that they have at least 6-8 hours of battery life.

Obviously the battery life is going to vary based on videos and everything else that you use it for, but in general they should last 6-8 hours on one charge in my opinion.

Note Taking

If you are going to buy a tablet for med school then make sure it has good note taking ability! A lot of people don’t think about that before buying a tablet and it can be really frustrating.

I like to make sure that the best tablets have either an apple pencil or s pen because those are what I am familiar with, but any of them should work well as long as they are compatible with your laptop!

The best thing to do is test out different tablets and see what best works with your style of note taking.

The nice thing about most of them is that they have the ability to download Microsoft word and note. Having those to take notes on is nice because it is familiar and they are what most other people use so when you get the teachers notes or another students notes you should be able to get into them pretty easily.

Display Resolution

Typically the higher the better when it comes to screen resolution.

Screen resolution essentially means clarity and quality of the image. The higher the number the more clarity and quality you will see on the screen.

I stress display resolution for med school devices because you will watch a lot of videos on your devices and you will be looking at a ton of picture on them as well.

Having blurry or choppy images/videos just doesn’t bode well for wanting to study right?

Just remember the higher the better when it comes to resolution!

Internal Storage and Storage capacity

Storage is pretty straight forward right? Most come in a given GB or TB amount.

Most of the time I would say more is better, but having more storage typically makes it cost more too, so choose what you need.

If you are someone who keeps videos and pictures on your devices like this then you might want more, but if you don’t then you can likely get away with less!

This is one of those things that is completely based on preference in my opinion, so if you want more storage then spend a little more, but if you don’t need it then save your money!

Intel Core

Intel Core is the type of processor that most tablets that aren’t Apple products have in them. The one on this list that has an Intel Core processor is the surface pro.

These are great processors and they work wonderfully. They are in most laptops that aren’t apple products and all in all they function good and are fast.

What Tablet do Schools Recommend

Schools usually have recommendations on tablets. This is something that should be checked before buying one just to make sure it can handle all of your needs!

For example, Yale and Harvard both recommend the iPad so if you are applying there then best thing to do would be get an iPad.

It can be because of the software they use for lectures or testing, but regardless not all schools will do this, but many have it listed on their site.

Another place that schools will put this is in their matriculation paperwork that they send you after you are accepted.

Often times within that paperwork they will make certain recommendations on the technical aspects of what your laptop or tablet should have.

How much storage they recommend, how much speed they recommend, etc.

So if you haven’t found a tablet by the time you get accepted to medical school, or you feel like you need a new one you should wait for that paperwork from the school you got into, and then come back to this list and see if one of these meets the schools criteria.

Tablet as an educational tool

When it comes to using tablets in medical school they can be used in a variety of different ways. Some schools offer lectures on tablets and have the best apps available for that device, some give lectures via power point slides to download onto your tablet or laptop, and others use nothing at all!

On top of this they also might allow you to take photos during certain lectures, so you can better see what was going on, and some might even allow you to video record during certain lectures or sessions so that way if you are having a hard time understanding something it is recorded for later review.

The best thing about tablets in medical school is that they let you keep your books at bay!

You no longer have to haul around a ton of books because you can just download everything onto your tablet and carry that instead.

Anyways, there are a ton of benefits but I want to talk about 3 major ones that are key to your success in med school and how a tablet can help you with these!

Taking Notes

Taking notes on tablets with the right software can be the same as taking them on paper! This is one of the best things to have in medical school because it will help you save so much time when studying for exams and quizzes.

Typing notes on a laptop can be slow, especially if your typing is anything like mine!

This makes using tablets perfect for taking notes during lectures or study sessions and after all isn’t that what med school is? It is a bunch of lectures and study sessions.

It also leaves you with more time to review your notes by highlighting them, adding drawings or diagrams if need be, or even just typing up things in the margins that might help you remember something later on down the road.

You can’t do this when writing notes with pen and paper, so best to leave that for math class.

Having the ability to put images or diagrams on my notes because I took them on a tablet made all the difference. Many times there are summary tables or images that demonstrate what you need to know, and having the ability to just put them in your notes is so important!

Watching Videos

With so many review videos out there for both med school and boards, having a quick and easy way to watch these is so improtant.

Tablets are a great tool to have for this because they allow you to watch videos on them without having the bulk of a laptop.

The best thing about tablets is that they aren’t really bulky so if you want to take notes as well you can do it right on the screen.

I remember in medical school I would take my laptop to lectures, but then at home if I wanted to review videos or notes without lugging around a large computer that wasn’t necessary for watching something then best thing was for me to have a tablet instead!

So best is not only high quality and enough storage to fit all your videos and notes, but also something that is small so it doesn’t take up much room.

Seriously, having a screen the size of a tablet and the ability to take notes on it while watching the videos is a game changer for performance standards in med school!

Doing Practice Questions

Practice questions are so important for medical school students to do. The best thing you can do is to learn from your mistakes, and practice questions are the best way to do this.

This was so important during my second year of medical school because I would take it everywhere with me and was always doing practice questions.

Having both a tablet and a laptop makes doing practice questions something that you can do anywhere and anytime!


I know that you are probably wondering what the best tablet for medical school is, and it really depends on your personal preference. These three tablets have their pros and cons but they all work well if you just need a great surface to take notes or watch videos. My favorite tablet in this list is the Microsoft Surface because of its ability to be used as both a laptop and a tablet. But honestly, any one of these will do! As long as you find one that suits your needs, then go with it! Be sure to check out all the tablets on Amazon before making an investment decision so you can get exactly what’s right for you. 

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