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Alright, so I get a ton of questions regarding the best question bank that is DO specific. We aren’t talking UWorld, and we aren’t talking AMBOSS, I am talking about a question bank that is geared towards the style and craziness of the COMLEX.

There are two major question banks out there in this space, the first is COMQUEST and the second is COMBANK.

This article will contain a full COMQUEST review.

Why you need a COMLEX specific question bank.

Alright, so full disclosure here the COMLEX question banks value is in the similarity to the exam. Their value is not necessarily in learning the content (that is where UWorld and AMBOSS shine), but their similarity to the COMLEX is where they gain all their worth.

This brings me to the whole point of this section, why you need a COMLEX specific question bank.

For similarity to the real COMLEX.

Anyone that has taken a COMLEX can attest to the fact that the NBOME writes some pretty far out there questions. They are difficult to understand and at times all over the place.

Contrast this to doing practice questions with UWorld, which the questions are laid on in a stepwise logical way that you can work your way through.

If you were to only use UWorld it would be likely that when you sit down to take your COMLEX, you will be surprised at the question style, and there is potential that this could throw off your groove and cost you some points.

Point of this is to say, that familiarity with the exam is huge and COMQUEST does a fantastic job of simulating the real deal COMLEX.

There were multiple questions on both my COMLEX level 1  and Level 2 CE that were nearly the same as questions I had done previously out of COMQUEST.

Why COMQUEST is awesome.

Alright, to do a full COMQUEST review justice, we need to talk about the three reasons that make COMQUEST so awesome.

Reason #1: Similarity to the real COMLEX.

We discussed this one a little bit already, but it is time we dive a little bit further into it.

The style of the COMLEX is so unique and strange that it can be difficult to really get a grasp on what they are talking about in a given question.

Some of the questions can be incredibly vague and they ultimately put you into a position of either you know it or you don’t kind of scenario.

COMQUEST will teach you how to think for the COMLEX. Their questions are so incredibly similar to the real deal that you will be happy you did each and every question out of COMQUEST.

Reason #2: The explanations

The entire point of question banks is for learning purposes. Learning medical content as well as learning how to properly do board style questions.

The quality of explanations in COMQUEST is way higher then comparable questopm banks. COMQUEST will actually help you learn medicine as well as get you familiar with the question style.

Reason #3: The interface

COMQUEST has done a great job of replicating the actual testing interface that you will be using on your test day. The look and feel are both extremely similar between COMQUEST and the real COMLEX.

This helps with the comfort of your exam day. When you sit down and it just feels like something you have already been doing all along, this is a good thing. You will be comfortable and ready to destroy the questions they put in front of you.

You will feel right at home because of COMQUEST come test day.

Why COMQUEST is not so awesome.

There is one main issue with COMQUEST, it is the obscurity of some of the questions.

I know, I know in my last section I talked about how this “unique” feature is good. The reality is though that there are a subset of questions that are just kind of way to ‘out there’ and not super helpful. These questions make it difficult to study sometimes, because they can be so ricidulous that they leave you wondering if you should know that fact.

I can still remember some of the questions I did with COMQUEST that were less than impressive to be honest, and this small subset of their questions made me feel like I should know those obscure topics when in reality there is no utility in knowing some of the way out there things that COMQUEST and a few other question banks put out there.

With that being said though, this is really a small subset of the questions. If you get a question that is just ridiculously weird and out there, then chances are you don’t need to worry about it too much.

How to properly use COMQUEST.

Now we have talked about all of the good things and a few of the not so good things, lets talk about how you should be using COMQUEST.

As we have touched on, COMQUEST is not as high quality as some of the other question banks (UWorld and AMBOSS) with regards to the learning of medicine. Because of this, I highly recommend that you do the following with COMQUEST.

Use it after you run through UWorld or AMBOSS. The way that worked really good for me was to use COMQUEST in the 3-4 weeks leading up to my board exam day.

You should plan on doing around 50 or so questions a day from COMQUEST in timed test mode. At the point that you will begin using COMQUEST, you should have already done the majority of your UWorld/AMBOSS prep so your foundation is solid.

COMQUEST is best used to get some of those one off weird facts right and then to practice stamina and get used to the style of questions.

Pricing/Discount for COMQUEST.

This is one of the most affordable question banks out there. During medical school, we as students, are all struggling for cash typically so a product that is a reasonable price is important.

For 3 months of COMQUEST Q-Bank access you only have to pay around $150

Now, the cool thing is that I have worked with COMQUEST and negotiated a 15% off discount. So, you can pick this up for a little bit cheaper.

Go to COMQUEST here, and get yourself 15% off at checkout with my code: “CPM15

I hope this COMQUEST review helps you decide on if you should or shouldn’t get COMQUEST.

The COMQUEST question bank certainly made a difference in all of my board prep, and helped me score high on all my exams.

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