The purpose of COMPREPMED is to help other students learn how to successfully navigate Osteopathic Medical School. My experience has been a successful one, but it is not the only way nor is it the only successful story.

Want to help other students and get your message acrossed on a platform that isn’t all hostile and stuff like SDN and reddit are?

I need your help to share as many experiences and stories as possible when it comes to succeeding in Osteopathic Medical School.

If you want to contribute to other students  success by writing on this website (that reaches close to 1,000 people per month after only being in existence for 5 months), then here is the outline on what to write:

  • Anything about succeeding in medical school
  • How you study for classes
  • How you studied for Board exams
  • Your favorite resources
  • Anything about succeeding in medical school

Keep your post in the range of 500-1500 words and keep it informational.

Email your post to

I look forward to reading your story and putting it on the site to help others.