How to Study in Medical School FREE Course

This is a FREE course to help you absolutely destroy Medical School.

This course will walk you through all years of medical school and how I got a 4.0 in them, resources I used, and tips on how to succeed.

Also, there is a section about board exams and how I scored >97th percentile on the COMLEX Level 1 and >92nd percentile on the USMLE Step 1.

I hope you enjoy it

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Years 1 and 2 of Med School

Title: Intro to Course

  • Time: 6:56

Title: Study Principles

  • Time: 19:23

Title: Anatomy Lecture

  • Time: 15:44

Title: Anatomy Lab

  • Time: 4:44

Title: Physiology

  • Time: 12:37

Title: Pharmacology

  • Time: 12:46

Title: Pathology

  • Time: 9:26

Title: Microbiology

  • Time: 2:43

Title: Immunology

  • Time: 5:19

Title: Biochem/Cell Bio

  • Time: 2:28