is july too late to apply to medical school

Is July too Late to Apply for Medical School?

“Is July too late to apply for medical school?” is a question that is asked by many pre-med students. In the past few years, more and more applicants have been applying in May through AMCAS service. With this in mind, is July too late? I don’t think so and I will explain more in this article!

Submitting your Medical School Application in July

This is one of the most common questions asked by pre-med students is July too late to apply for medical school? The answer is a resounding “No!”

The truth is that many applicants submit their application in May-July through AMCAS. This is not even close to being too late and there are still steps you can take if you have not yet started the application process.

It is true that you should be thinking about your AMCAS essays and personal statement as early on in the year as possible, but with more time to complete them is not a bad thing!

Submitting your application in July means that you will have more time to do the following things:

  • -finish your application essays and personal statement
  • -get letters of recommendation from professors or other academic people who know you well

The only big drawback to submitting in July is when it comes to the schools with rolling admissions. This is a big decision, but if you are in this situation it is not too late.

In conclusion, is July too late to apply for medical school? The answer is no! It’s never too early or too late to submit your application and there are still steps that can be taken before the deadline of November 15th.

is July too late to apply to medical school

Early June to Mid July: Medical School Application

This is the typical time for pre-med students to start the process of applying for medical school. If you started in June, this is fine and will give you more than enough time to complete your AMCAS essays before November 15th when it is due.

The only drawback is that some schools with rolling admissions accept on an “as students apply” basis- so if this is a concern for you it is best to contact the schools of your choice and find out if they do rolling admissions or not.

Applying in June or July is perfectly fine and is not too late!

When do Most Medical Schools accept applications?

Most schools start accepting applications in the beginning of July and close around November 15th- sometimes with a deadline as early as December 30. Schools have different deadlines so it is important to do your research before making any decisions about when you will submit your application!

The common schools that accept late applications are:

  • -Purdue University (deadline is on May 31st)
  • -University of Washington (deadline is on January 15th)

In regards to the medical schools that have rolling admissions, they will accept your application as long as you submit it before November 15. If this is not an option for you and there is a deadline in December for example, contact them about their specific deadlines!

Is it helpful to Apply Early?

In some situations it is helpful to apply early.

For example, if you are applying to s school with rolling admissions and the deadline is December 15th- then by all means submit your application before that date! You will have a better chance of being accepted if you apply early because the school is acceping students as they go, as opposed to waiting to accept students until a given date.

So, the basic answer here is that yes it is helpful to apply early to medical schools, especially if they have rolling admissions.

When do medical schools make admissions decisions?

Most schools will list this kind of information on their website. If they don’t, then contact them and ask! One example is University of Michigan- it is a rolling admissions process so decisions are made on a continual basis as students apply.

This means that you can submit your application anytime before November 15th and still be considered for the school’s next class!

However if there is a deadline of December 15th, then it is best to be applying by that date to ensure a spot in the class.

The simple answer to this common question is just to look at their website and see when they make decisions.

For example, on the University of Utah’s website they say that they accept students on a few different days. So, essentially they interview and know who they will accept, but they only send the emails of acceptance out a few times each year.

is July too late to apply to medical school

Other schools say that they interview and everything and then let all students know on a specific date.

Others will just have a deadline of when to apply by, so you know their absolute final admission decisions come after that.

Then as has been mentioned, there is rolling admissions at some schools and I am confident you know what that is by this point.

What if I have to wait till mid August to apply?

This is not likely to be an issue. A lot of students don’t apply until August as is, so if you are applying in July or mid August it is not a problem either way!

If there is a deadline then make sure that date is still within the time frame- but otherwise please do not worry about this period being too late for your application.

Some schools have rolling admissions and they will admit students as the come, so if you are applying to a school with this kind of process then don’t worry about being late!

I would say that as you get closer to September this may start to be late in the cycle.

By September there has been some interviews going on, and so you could still apply if it is before the deadline the school advertises, but just be aware that after other students have already interviewed, you are now behind the majority of people in the process.

It still may not be too late to apply, but your chances start to go down the longer you wait beyond September.

Difference between the primary application and secondary applications

The main differences are is that the secondary is usually less in depth and you are applying to specific schools.

The primary application is for medical schools that is open to anyone.

The secondary application is for a specific school, and is usually less in depth than the primary.

Primary applications are what you submit first and this si done through AMCAS for MD schools, and then through AACOMAS for DO schools.

Secondary applications are sent to you by individual medical schools and they come after you submit the primary application, and the school has decided that you meet initial standards, so they send you more questions to fill out.

Do Osteopathic Schools allow applying earlier in the application cycle

Osteopathic Schools follow the same timeline as MD schools. They all start applications around May and typically have deadlines sometime from November to Jan.

There are some programs that I know of that have early acceptance programs.

One that comes to mind is Rocky Vista, they have a program that you can commit to them and then you are given a spot without officially applying to their school and you agree to not apply to others.

So, this is the only closely related topic to the question of this section.

As a whole, DO programs follow the typical medical school application process that almost all medical programs follow.

Medical School Application Timeline

This starts in May with primary applications.

Then in July-ish you start to get secondary applications.

After you submit your secondary applications you can get interview invites anytime from July/August into January.

The process is really a fairly long one and varies slight for different medical programs, but in general it is the same.

If you make sure you have everything ready and are planning on applying early in the process, then this could mean the better your chances of being accepted will increase.


The deadline for applying to medical school is November 1 for most schools, but you can submit your application anytime before then. If you’re still trying to decide when to apply, the best time might be as soon as possible. But if it turns out that waiting until July works better for your schedule or other commitments, there’s no need to stress about not getting in right away – just keep in mind that each day counts and make sure you’re submitting all of your materials on time! When do you plan on submitting your application?

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