Is organic chemistry hard?

Is organic chemistry hard?

So is organic chemistry hard? The answer is yes, it is a difficult course. But don’t worry, there are ways that you can do well in the class. First of all, you need to understand why the course is tough. Organic chemistry is one of the weed out courses in pre-med, and most students are nervous about it. That’s because this course covers a lot of material that is not found in other classes. But with a little bit of preparation, you can do great in organic chemistry!

Why is organic chemistry so hard?

Organic chemistry is hard because it is a cumulative course. What that means is that each concept builds on the one before it. So, if you don’t understand one concept, it will be very difficult to understand the next concept. In addition, organic chemistry is a very fast-paced course. The material is presented quickly and there is a lot of information to learn in a short period of time.

Organic chemistry requires a lot of memorization.

One of the reasons why organic chemistry is so difficult is because it requires a lot of memorization. You need to be able to remember the names and structures of all the different molecules. In addition, you need to be able to identify functional groups and know how they will react with other molecules. If you can’t memorize the material, you will have a hard time doing well in organic chemistry.

Organic chemistry is difficult, but there are ways to succeed.

Is organic chemistry harder than physics?

It is about just as hard to learn organic chemistry as it is to learn physics. Both of them need a lot of memorization and critical thinking. If you want to know which is easier, it all depends on how you learn best. Some people find that they can more easily memorize information while others have an easier time understanding concepts. The main thing is that if you put in the effort, you will be able to succeed in either course.

Organic chemistry boils down to memorizing and tracking organic chemical reactions, whereas physics is a lot of equations and math problems, so different set up overall but both are difficult in their own way.

Is there math in organic chemistry?

There is, but it is relatively simple since it is primarily adding and subtracting. Both O-chem is much less complicated math than general chemistry is.

The math in organic chemistry is used to determine the structure of molecules and to predict how they will react with other molecules. The equations are not difficult, but you need to be able to apply them correctly in order to get the right answer.

Is organic chemistry needed for med school?

Yes, as pre Med students you have to take Organic chemistry to get into medical school.

O Chem is typically broken up into organic chemistry course 1 and 2. They build on each other and you have to have the first one before you can take the second.

Learning Organic chemistry is tough, and if you do well it is a good indicator to the medical school admissions committee and that you have what it takes to do well in hard courses, and combined with a good MCAT score you can really prove to them that you are ready for medical school.

How do you survive in organic chemistry?

It is tough, but don’t be afraid to get a organic chemistry tutor if you need to, but here are some basic tips you can try before getting a tutor.

Study often, don’t wait to cram it all because you will forget a lot of what you learned if you don’t go over it often. Try and study for at least an hour every day.

Make sure to do the practice problems in your textbook and online, they are there for a reason! By doing these problems you will get a lot better at tracking electrons and following the chemical reactions to get the problems correct.

This will also help you will rote memorization of all the possible organic reactions that are out there when it comes to organic chemistry.

You should also take a look at old exams, so you can get an idea of what the professor is looking for and the types of questions they ask.

And lastly, try and find a study group, there is strength in numbers and by working with other students you can better understand the material.

These are a few tips that can be helpful, just stay consistent and know that you have to do well in that course to get into medical school! So push hard, and know that you got it!

Should I take organic chemistry alone?

No, you dont have to take it alone. There are many students that have gone before you and done just fine.

With that being said, if you work, volunteer, and are also planning on taking physics and other tough courses then I wouldn’t recommend that you pile on the courses.

At the end of the day, it can be done with other courses and while working, but just know that it will take some time and dedication to pass organic chemistry, and plan accordingly!

This may be a good semester to take other courses that are required for graduation, but are more simple and straight forward.

One thing to keep in mind on this topic is taking this course alone may mean that you run the risk of prolonging you our time in your undergrad years, which to some is not favorable.

Can you pass organic chemistry?

Absolutely! Work hard and focus on consistent studying.

The key to hard courses like this is to study a hour or 2 every single day!

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to organic chemistry.

You should also seek out a tutor if needed, and form or join a study group.

And lastly, do all the practice problems you can get your hands on!

This is how you will survive and even excel in organic chemistry!

Is O-Chem harder than general chemistry or physical chemistry

Organic chemistry is tough, but it is a different kind of tough than general chemistry or physical chemistry.

Gen chem and Physical chemistry are equation heavy, and require more math then organic chemistry does.

Organic chemistry is all about tracing reactions, and keeping track of electrons.

Whether you struggle with math or you struggle with memorizing organic reactions is really the key to answering which kind of chemistry is the hardest!

This is a difficult question that is hard to answer, because it is all dependent on the student and what they struggle with more!

But in general, organic chemistry is considered one of the weed out courses for medical school applicants.

How do you memorize organic chemistry?

You focus on understanding the material and not just memorizing it.

If you really start to understand the rules of the reactions then it will make memorizing them easier. There is a strong component of memorizing, but there is also an equally strong component of understanding what happens with each reaction in double, single bonds, and other parts of the molecule.

You also need to be doing practice problems, so you can better understand how the reactions work.

By understanding how the reactions work, you will be able to do them on tests without having to memorize them!

Do most people fail organic chemistry?

No, actually most people do not fail organic chemistry.

The pass rate is typically around 80%, but this number varies from school to school and semester to semester.

There are a lot of students that do struggle with the material, and end up getting a C or so in the class, but they don’t fail.

So while most people do pass organic chemistry, there are a few that have difficulty in passing this class.

How to ACE O-Chem

There are only a few things that make a huge difference when it comes to doing extremely well in organic chemistry, they are:

  • Consistency
  • Perseverance
  • Hard work
  • Practice questions
  • Kahn academy

These few things can and do make a difference in whether a student gets an A or a C.

It is important to put in the work, and understand that this is not a course where you can just party all semester and do fine.

You need to be consistent with your studying, and willing to put in the extra hours when needed!

Organic chemistry is one of the most difficult courses, but it is not impossible.

Work hard and don’t give up and you will be sure to do well!

Doing practice questions as well as watching the corresponding videos on Kahn Academy can make a huge difference.

Practice questions help you notice where your weak points are, and also consistently practice the material that you do know well.

I truly believe that practice questions are the key to success with difficult subjects like this one.

Kahn Academy is a great resource, because it is a video explanation of the material.

It is really helpful to be able to see someone go through the material, because sometimes it is difficult to understand just reading about it.

Kahn Academy is a great supplement to your regular studying, and I would highly recommend using it!


Well, there you have it!

Organic chemistry is a difficult course, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself.

Be sure that you are consistently studying and doing practice questions to help you better understand the material.

Kahn Academy is also a great resource, because it is a video explanation of the material.

Work hard and don’t give up and you will be sure to do well!

I hope this article has helped, and good luck with your studies!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer them!

Thanks for reading!

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