Is there a unique aspect of your application that should be considered by the admissions committee?

Is there a unique aspect of your application that should be considered by the admissions committee?

“Is there a unique aspect of your application that should be considered by the admissions committee?” is one of the more common questions in medical school interviews. This is an important question to answer and it is not as easy as you might think. In this article we will go through some tips on how to answer this question, along with other things you can do for success!

One of the Common Medical School interview Questions

This question is one of the more common questions that you will hear during your medical school interview. This page briefly describes what this question is and how to answer it successfully!

The medical school interview process can seem daunting for students; in particular answering some of those more common questions like “Is there a unique aspect of your application that should be considered by the admissions committee?”

It’s important for students looking at medical schools to understand not only some of their more common interview questions during their med school interviews, but also things they can do right now to improve their chances of success down the road.

If you go into the interview ready to discuss this then you will have one up on the others interviewing.

Be ready to look over both your primary application and the secondary application essays and really know your application inside and out, and know the unique parts of it that really make you stand out!

Interviews and the admissions process

Interviews are such an important part of the admissions process.

If you have been invited for an interview at medical school this means that you already meet the minimum standards of the school.

The point of stating that is so that you can relax and not worry so much about the interview, because you already meet their requirements.

The fact that they have invited you means that your application was good enough to sit in front of a group and be asked questions!

But this also brings up another point; what do these admissions committees want to see? What kind of applicants are successful at getting into medical school?

Once you start the interview the will ask you all kinds of questions. Some schools are extremely relaxed in their interview style, while others are very formal.

One of the most common interview questions in medical college admissions interviews is “Is there a unique aspect of your application that should be considered by the admissions committee?” This question is important to answer because this tells you how they are looking at applicants. Are they considering candidates on things like their extra curricular activities, or test scores, or something else?

This is a question that you should have ready and prepared to answer. Go over the application and look for parts of your application where you can highlight yourself in a unique way!

If there are no areas like this on your primary, then go back through each essay included with your secondary applications looking for something interesting about why or how you got involved in that activity.

The more information and the better examples you have to use, the easier it will be for them to see why one applicant is different from another!

Be ready with an answer but also don’t go over-board and sound too rehearsed or coached either; this can come across as insincere!

Is there a unique aspect of your application that should be considered by the admissions committee?

What they are looking for

When it comes to this question it’s important to remember what the admissions committee is looking for in applicants.

The number one thing that schools are looking at when considering applications is grades and test scores, followed by your personal statement or essay as well as your extracurricular activities in general.

This means they are going to be very focused on GPA, MCAT scores, course selection, and all of the other things directly related to your application.

One thing that admissions committees do not focus on is recommendations or letters from professors; there are some exceptions but in general these are secondary factors at best!

What this means for you if you want a really good chance of getting into medical school is to be different; go beyond what is required and expected when it comes to your application.

If you are interested in a lot of the same things as other students, then find ways to do more than they did!

This can include all kinds of different activities; such as volunteering or shadowing opportunities that help set you apart from everyone else who applied this year.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box either, many pre-med students look at what all other medical school applicants are doing and try to do this as well; which can leave you in a group of people who appear too similar!

If there is something unique about your application that makes it stand out from everyone else, then make sure you mention it in your answer to this question.

Some examples of unique aspects can include, having past work experience that is relevant and beneficial, or even a study abroad opportunity during college that most other students did not have!

It’s okay if there isn’t anything that stands out to you, but it’s important that you think about this question and consider what differentiates your application from the others!

Share the most defining thing on your application

There is bound to be one thing that stands out on your application as being unique or different when compared to other applicants.

This can be anything from a summer internship in medical research, volunteering at an under served population clinic, working with the community after a natural disaster; if you have something that makes you stand out then make sure they know about it!

If there isn’t something like this on your primary application, then be sure to take some time and go through any additional essays you have as well.

You can also briefly mention where you studied if it is different from the typical pre-med applicant; there are a lot of students who choose alternate paths when they get into college which can include studying somewhere that isn’t directly linked to medical school!

For some students this can be a benefit because it allows them more time and flexibility in order to focus on different aspects of their application.

There has got to be a general theme though of your application, and this is something to share with the admissions committee. If they can see a general theme that sets you apart from everyone else, this is great!

Is there a unique aspect of your application that should be considered by the admissions committee?

Can be in the primary application, or the secondary application

When thinking about how you will answer this question be sure to look in both places.

The primary application can include things like your personal statement or essay, as well as the overall tone of any additional essays you have included in addition to your resume!

Be sure to look through your responses to the secondary questions as well. There may be something in there you can talk about.

Honestly focusing on the secondary essays is a good plan from the start because this is what that school thinks is important. So, if you can then I highly recommend you turn to the secondary essays to answer some of the questions like this one.

If you have any additional essays included in your secondary application, then briefly mention how these will help demonstrate why you are a good fit for this particular medical school.

Does your answer have to do with patient care

This is easy to think since the interview is to further your medical education right?

The simple answer is no.

You can have a unique part of your application that may have to do with research publications you have, or maybe it is about an experience during your baccalaureate program.

Many students may write a short statement describing how to improved health care access in a certain area by going on a medical mission trip. Exampled like this aren’t directly related to patient care, but they show your overall interest in healthcare.

In short your answer can be a lot of different things. Just make sure that you are giving the interviewers something solid to work with and they will be able to get an idea about your overall application!

If there is no part of your application where you have done or been involved in any patient care, then briefly mention what aspects of medicine interest you most, and discuss how your application reflects that.


One of the most common questions you will encounter during your medical school interview is “What is unique about your application?” This question often catches applicants off-guard, but it’s a great opportunity for them to shine. It also gives an admissions committee insight into how they might fit in with their diverse student body. There are many ways to answer this question and we hope our article has provided some helpful tips on how to do so gracefully and confidently! What would be something that sets you apart from other students?

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