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Magoosh MCAT Review: A Comprehensive Tool for Studying

If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource to study for the MCAT, then look no further than magoosh. This review will go into detail about why magoosh is so great and what makes it such a good option. Magoosh has practice questions, video tutorials, and even practice tests all built in! It’s an amazing tool that can help anyone succeed on their MCAT journey.

Magoosh MCAT prep Course: The details

This is an awesome magoosh mcat review all about why magoosh is such a great test prep option, but we will also include a section about the not so great things from Magoosh, just so you get all the details.

Magoosh has so many cool features that make it an invaluable tool for MCAT success. The practice questions are really helpful and the video tutorials will help students understand tough concepts at their own pace.

Another awesome thing about Magoosh is that users can create a customized study schedule for each day of the week, allowing them to focus on areas that need more attention.

Magoosh offers practice tests (including timed and untimed) as well as full-length exams with every subscription plan! This gives users everything they need in one place.

There are three plans with Magoosh mcat review courses. There is a free one that is fairly limited, a premium plan, and then a premium+study schedule plan.

After going through so many standardized exams myself, I think the premium+study plan would be so useful because it does everything you need it to!

You will spend a ton of money on separate review resources for videos and practice questions, and the practice tests too! Getting it all in one package with Magoosh is so nice!

If you do buy Magoosh, I still highly recommend you get the AAMC practice tests though, which are about $35 a piece.

Why is it important to take an MCAT prep course

Taking an mcat mprep course is so important. My mistake as a premed of not taking a prep course lead to a lower score overall. If I had taken a prep course and spent the money on materials to actually learn the high yield information, then I would have had a lot more success. Doing things the right way the first time is so key, and having a prep course that guides you through it is important!

Taking mcat mprep courses are also such good practice for test day. A course like Magoosh does a great job at helping you from every angle.

There are a ton of MCAT prep courses out there, but Magoosh does a great job of making it user friendly and helpful.

If you’re looking for mcat prep courses, then check out Magoosh! It’s a really awesome MCAT prep tool that can help you succeed on your journey to becoming a doctor!

Really taking an MCAT course or buying the right review materials means that you get told what the high yield info is, and even more important you get access to practice questions and full length practice tests which are incredibly valuable and a must do during your MCAT prep.

I know it is expensive to consider a resource like this, but at the end of the day it can save you time and save you retakes on this important exam!

magoosh MCAT review

Magoosh MCAT course vs. other MCAT prep courses

When it comes to other MCAT review courses there are some big names out there.

There is Kaplan, Princeton Review, Exam Krackers, and many more.

When you compare Magoosh to the others there are some things that Magoosh has that these dont.

Magoosh has practice questions, video tutorials, and even practice tests all built in! It’s an amazing tool that can help anyone succeed on their MCAT journey.

Kaplan is well known for its prep, and for good reason they do a fantastic job. Main difference between them is honestly the price and the options.

Kaplan is super expensive relative to Magoosh! I am talking over $1,000 difference in the cost!

As far as options go, Kaplan also has more options. They offer live courses, on demand courses, and honestly it is laid out in more of a teacher student kind of way, wheras Magoosh is laid out in a self paced, kind of way.

Princeton Review is similar to Kaplan. There are multiple options for courses and self paced option, but it is super expensive! The cheapest option with them is still >$1,500.

Exam Krackers is a great option as well! They have multiple options for whatever choice you want, and they are slightly cheaper than Kaplan or Princeton Review.

In terms of cost Magoosh is the Cheapest and Exam Krackers is the next cheapest, but lowest in price doesn’t mean lower quality!

What comes with Magoosh MCAT

Magoosh prep includes practice questions, full length mcat practice tests, and even video reviews.

Magoosh helps you from every angle! You can watch videos of lectures to help understand concepts better or go through a questions in more detail if that’s what works best for you!

Magoosh also has full length practice exams, which are so important for your prep! Another awesome thing speaking of exams is that Magoosh has in depth answers to the AAMC practice exams! AAMC tells you which answers are right and which are wrong, but they don’t explain them.

This is a great resource to have!

The practice questions are so valuable because there are some studies out there that show using practice questions is a much more efficient way to study and remember what you actually learn!

So in summary with Magoosh you get:

  • Practice tests
  • Q-Bank
  • Review Videos
  • AAMC explanations
  • 24/7 support

You should go check out the Magoosh website and see what else they offer by clicking here.

Also, if you are interested in Kaplan or Princeton Review then check them out as well. I am advocating for Magoosh because it is cheaper in price and provides the same value overall!

Practice tests are Important

Practice tests are so important because it gives you a chance to really see how much you know and if what you learned from the mcat books or mcat classes online is actually sticking.

I will say that practice tests are so crucial for your MCAT prep, but they need to be done with caution!

Practice test should not just be a review of what you already know, but it should be a way of testing your mcat knowledge to see if there is anywhere else that you can improve.

So practice tests are great because they give us an idea of where we stand and whether or not our mcat studying is working! They also save everyone time in the long run because retakes are never fun.

So make sure when you are taking mcat practice tests that your time is being spent wisely, and actually testing yourself to see where you may need more help!

Please, make sure you do practice tests and that you take them seriously!

Practice questions are maybe more Important

Doing practice questions offers you a chance to see if you know mcat material in a real world setting.

Practice questions are so important because it shows us where we need to improve and what mcat material is maybe not sticking as well!

Practice questions are so important! They are in my opinion the absolute best way for you to learn!

Using questions to learn forces you do to active recall, and after you do the question reading the answer explanation will in a way force you to learn that information and likely never forget it!

Doing practice questions is so important and if you buy Magoosh or not, I would say whatever resource you do buy, make sure there are practice questions!

Magoosh MCAT review and your MCAT score

This wouldn’t be a full review if I didn’t mention the 10+ point guarantee improvement from Magoosh!

This is how confident Magoosh’s mcat prep is in their own product. They know it works because so many people have used it and have seen their mcat score improve!

Overall, Magoosh is confident in their product and that should help you rest assured in your purchase.

If I was able to do it all over again, I would hands down pick Magoosh as my review source!


Magoosh is a fantastic MCAT prep resource! The options and things that you get with it makes it a complete package and means you need very little in addition to it to succeed on the MCAT. You can use this website as your only tool for studying, if you want. I recommend using Magoosh alongside other resources like AAMC practice exams, so that when test day comes around, all of those hours spent poring over videos will be worth every minute. Check out Magoosh by clicking the button below!

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