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How to score 120 on the OB GYN COMAT.

First off, congrats on getting to the point of taking your OB GYN COMAT.

That is a huge step just to make it through the OB rotation.

So many students wonder during third year what resources are best for each COMAT and for the COMLEX in general. This article will cover the important ways I studied for the OB COMAT and this translates to how you can get at least a 120 on the OB COMAT like I did.

In this article:

  • Top book for studying for the OB GYN COMAT.
  • Best question bank for the OB GYN COMAT.
  • How I studied for the OB GYN COMAT.

Let’s Jump in.

Top Book for studying for the OB GYN COMAT:

Hands down the best book for this COMAT is the Case Files OB/GYN Book. This book is absolutely awesome.

It does exactly what all the other case files books do. It breaks down an individual patient complaint and how you should deal with it, the types of exam components you should include, and everything in between.

If there was just one book for you to get then I would say this is the winner.

Beyond the content though, the best thing about this book is simply the readability of the book. You can sit down and cruise through this book no problem in no time. It reads like a chapter book as opposed to a textbook, which is nice because I hate just reading text books.

The OB rotation is full of time just sitting around and waiting.

Picture this, you get a text from your preceptor, so you rush into the hospital. You are stoked (or maybe not) that you finally get to deliver a baby!

Well, when you get to the hospital you find out that the patient is dilated to a 3. Now, any of you who have been around the L&D floor know that this is going to take some time.

This means that you gave up some awesome study time (or to be honest, probably Netflix time) to come hang out in a hospital and wait.

Now, you have two options. Take a siesta and hang out or be the smart med student that you are and use your time wisely so you can go to bed or hang out when you get home and not have to study there.

If you chose to use your time wisely then you should bust out your Case Files OB/GYN Book and go to town on it. Great thing about this book is you can read it while you are just sitting in the break room or call room because it doesn’t require a whole lot of focus to read and study it.

In summary why is this book so great?

It walks you through a diagnosis from start to finish. It will really tell you how you should be thinking and what you should be doing. Not only are you getting medical knowledge from reading this book, but you will be learning how to critically think as well.

The most important thing though is the ease with which it can be read. You have a ton of downtime on all rotations, and possibly some of the most downtime on your OB rotation.

Be ready for that with this simple book to read while you are waiting for the tiny humans to make their entrance into this world.

Best question bank for the OB GYN COMAT:

I’ve got be honest with you. I think you already know the answer here right? UWorld or Amboss are the absolute best Q-Banks for everything related to 3rd year.

With that being said I know a lot of you are craving a more Osteopathic specific question bank.

My favorite osteopathic specific question bank hands down is COMQUEST.

COMQUEST hits all the high points that appeared on my OB GYN COMAT, and really all my COMAT exams.

They are great because they give long explanations that can actually teach you things. COMQUEST’s explanations are cited with reputable resources and they typically give the link for you to go look at that article.

Their format is fairly similar to UWorld.

The issue I have with COMQUEST which is really an issue of 3rd year as a whole and it is that their content sometimes disagrees with other content.

This is not unique to COMQUEST, but I felt like I needed to tell you about this. I noticed this with a ton of resources. If there is not a treatment that is set in stone and is one of those “at the opinion of the provider” type of treatments, good luck finding a consensus on the topic.

Within the context of COMQUEST though, I felt like COMQUEST usually took the weird answer in these situations.

Long story short, this didn’t happen all that often with COMQUEST questions, but when it does it can be kind of annoying.

I dealt with this by first noticing when the question was a topic that is “way out of left field”. I know you have had a question like this, where you stop and think to yourself “where the hell did this come from?”.

This probably happens with 1 in every 50 questions on COMQUEST, so you can easily just ignore them. Truth be told, this happens all the time on the COMAT exams too. I guess you could think of it this way then, COMQUEST is just getting your ready for those weird obscure COMAT/NBOME questions. 

COMQUEST was by far the best DO specific Q-Bank for all of third year. I felt like I had to mention the downside of it though to be completely honest with you.

You can get 15% off of a COMQUEST subscription by using the code “SEAN15” at checkout.

How I Studied for the OB Gyn COMAT:

Questions and reading. This is the simple straightforward way.

I made sure to start with the right resources first, and at the time I felt like I was taking a dive into darkness because I really didn’t know the best resources.

Coming out of the other side, I can tell you the COMQUEST, UWorld, and https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1403470949

Bro’s Deck, looks like this one is an entire 3rd year deck. Has some good reviews of it online. Hope it can help you: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1995547787

If any of you Anki Masters have any recommendations, then please comment them below.

I like to hear from you guys about other resources, because let’s be honest my opinion and my strategy isn’t the only way right?

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