uworld self assessment vs nbme

Uworld Self Assessment vs NBME: Why One is Better Than the Other

Students who are preparing for medical boards, often ask themselves uworld self assessment vs nbme, and this is a question that many people have. The uworld self assessment and the nbme both offer great preparation, but there are some key differences between them. This article will cover when to use each one of these practice exams, why uworld self-assessment is better than the nbme and more!

Why it is Important to do Practice Tests

Doing practice tests is a great way to prepare for the boards. Doing practice tests is a better alternative than not doing anything at all as it allows you to challenge yourself and see where your weaknesses lie, but also offers an insight on what needs improvement. It gives students who are revising information from their notes or textbooks an opportunity to do something different which can help them learn better. Doing practice tests regularly will also help students stay focused and remain motivated, as they know it is a part of their preparation plan which helps them achieve success in the boards.

There are several types of practice exams that can be used to prepare for medical boards but Uworld self-assessment vs nbme has been one of the most popular tests of all time.

Uworld Self-Assessment vs NBME: Which One is Best?

uworld self assessment vs nbme

Both uworld self assessment and nbme offer great preparation for students, but there are some key differences between the two. The following points highlight when to use each one of these practice exams, why uworld self-assessment is better than the nbme, and everything in between!

How to evaluate exams

So, there are a few ways to evaluate practice exams and decide which are best for you. It is important to know that while both exams are great, there are some key differences between them and knowing when to use each one of these practice tests will help students achieve success in the boards!

You need to look at the explanations, similarity to the real exam, and if scoring is the same as the real deal.


Explanations are so important! They help you to know why a wrong answer is incorrect. It helps you to learn from your mistakes and improve in the future. There are very few explanations for answers on uworld self assessment vs nbme but if there are, it’s important that they have valid reasoning behind them.

Having explanations is a great asset to have, because doing questions is the best way to learn and if you have the answer with an explanation you can expand your knowledge in such a great and easy way with questions!


Similarity to the real exam

It is always good to know how much o thef real thing you are preparing for. If the practice exam is very similar to the test day, then it’s probably safe to say that it will give you a good idea of what to expect on your test date!

You want to practice in a way that gets you ready for test day, and having your practice test be similar to the actual exam will help you get the correct answer more often on the real deal!


With scoring on the practice tests you really want it to resemble the real exam. Most medical schools do a good job at preparing students for their board exams.

Having a practice test that accurately gauges your knowledge compared to what you need to know for your COMLEX or USMLE. This way you can know how prepared you are and what areas need improvement.

uworld self assessment vs nbme

Practice exams that score similarly to the real thing help students in so many ways because it gives them an accurate assessment of their performance on practice tests which helps prepare for test day! It allows them to see where they stand, highlights strengths and weakness and most importantly, shows students where to focus their preparation efforts.


The national board of medical examiners or NBME are the ones that write the USMLE and have a few of the so called “NBME practice tests” that they will sell to students and allow them to practice with actual retired USMLE questions.

The NBME practice exams are a great way to get some predictive value. Lets dive into details on them.


There are no explanations to the NBME questions on any of the NBME exam’s.

With these you just get a final score, which can be somewhat frustrating because you really want to test what you have learned in medical school.

Explanations help you learn, and are honestly so incredibly helpful!

Anyways, each NBME exam is still helpful regardless of not having question explanations.


The scoring or as some would say the estimated scores on the NBME exam are very close to the real USMLE step 1 and or Step 2 exams.

That being said, the NBME exams are a good way to get predictive value.

A lot of people would say that these exams are harder then the real deal. Which ultimately means that if you are scoring close to your ideal score, then you should be good.


For similarity, these are the people who write the real test. That means that their exams are going to be as close as possible.

So if you want a practice test that is similar to the real deal, then go with NBME! You can trust it’s rankings and scores at this point of time because they have been tested on thousands upon thousands of students over the years making these tests very good predictors for who will and won’t pass.

UWorld Self Assessments

The uworld self assessments are a great tool to help you evaluate yourself and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses on certain topics that may have been tough or easy for you.

They also give some scores which makes the process even better, they provide an estimated score as well as a per topic score so you can see how well you did on a given topic.

The main differentiators with these vs the NBME exams is that they have question explanations and the scores are much more accurate.


The Uworld Standardized exams have great question explanations. These are so key because they explain why the correct answer is what it is, and where you went wrong.

The explanations are detailed, well written and help break down difficult questions into manageable sections that allow students to learn from their mistakes.

Uworld Standardized exam’s have great question explanations that really help guide you through reading each stem very carefully so you can make the correct choice.

Having a question explanation is a total game changer when it comes to prepping for your standardized exams!


They have a great scoring system as well which is based on your actual percent correct or wrong for each question ( there’s no multiple choices) . They also provide an estimated score with percentile rank so you can see how you did compared to other students.

In addition, uworld self assessments have a per topic score so you know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to certain topics that may be tough for you!

And in case there is any question about the scores being accurate vs real USMLE exams they were tested by thousands of students and were found to be within 80% correlation.

These exams are incredibly accurate in comparison to the real USMLE.

Personally, I scored the exact same score on my UWorld #2 exam as I did on my USMLE Step 1.


These exams, in terms of the question difficulty are much harder than the real exam. You will find out that the scoring is similar, but the questions on the UWorld exams are in much more detail and cover much more material than the NBME exams.

So if you are looking for something close to the real deal, but with question explanations and different scores, then these are your best bet! It’s really hard to say what will happen in regards to questions being similar on both tests though because there is no way of knowing which concepts they’re going to prioritize on the real USMLE.

If you want a very predictive score, then you should hands down make sure you buy these exams!

Preparing for test day

Getting ready for test day is key, and making sure you get enough sleep, eat right the night before is important.

You want to avoid studying the day of and the day before actual test day. This is because you need time to rest and allow your brain to absorb the information.

If you do feel like studying on these days make sure it’s very light and manageable, one or two Uworld questions is great for staying fresh but also making sure you don’t over stress yourself! Also make sure to have a good breakfast that includes protein because this will help fuel your brain as well as keep you satisfied for longer.

Make sure to study smart, rest well and eat right so that your time is spent learning the material rather than stressing yourself out!

On test day, ensure that you have plenty of food, caffeine, and your choice of tylenol or ibuprofen (or both!) for those sure to happen headaches!

Why Standardized tests suck!

The USMLE and COMLEX are crappy exams. No doubt about it. They are tough, depressing, and consume so much of your time!

With that being said, they are a necessary evil.

If you don’t have any standardized exams then there is no way to know if you are learning the right material or not, and even though they suck it’s important that we use them in order to make sure our education system isn’t flawed!

It can be hard at times because these tests really do try your patience and stress you out.

But, what we need to remember is that these tests are just a small part in our lives and will not define who we are!

So when it comes down to standardized exams take advantage of the ones available to you such as Uworld self assessments because they’re great practice for the real USMLE or COMLEX exams!

Can these actually predict your score?

The NBME and the UWorld standardized exams can and do predict your score pretty reliably!

They are both great tests, and they both do a great job at preparing you for the real thing.

The major difference between these two exams is that UWorld offers more detailed explanations, and they also offer different scores such as per topic scoring so you can see which topics you need to work on!

These tests are incredibly accurate in comparison to the real USMLE.

If you treat these exams legit and really act like they are a real exam then you will be surprised just how well they will predict your USMLE score.

Are UWorld Self Assessments accurate

These exams are incredibly accurate if you will put all your best effort into them!

They will predict your scores very accurately.

The trouble is a lot of students don’t sit down and take them very serious. They lackadaisically answer questions and really don’t give it all they have.

If you want to get the most accurate score possible, make sure you are taking these exams very seriously. Don’t fool yourself into thinking they aren’t important!

They are your only chance of knowing what will happen on test day, so go in there and give it all you have! If this is something that really scares you then Uworld also offers a free practice self assessment for you to get a feel of what the real thing is like!

The UWorld assessments are very accurate and can help predict your scores! They will accurately let you know where you stand in relation to other test takers and what areas need work. This way, even if you don’t do well on their assessment it’s still great to see what got you wrong so that you can study the right materials!

Is NBME harder or easier than UWorld

They are of equal difficulty in my opinion, but compared to the real exam I would say that they are both harder.

The NBME and UWorld Standardized exams are both great tests to help prepare you for your real exam! They will let you know where you stand compared to other test takers as well as what areas need work. It’s a good idea if possible, to take several assessments from different sources in order to get a good idea of where you are at!

If your scores on these assessments are coming out low then make sure that you are studying the right materials, because sometimes students will spend too much time trying to figure it all out themselves. Make sure if this is what’s happening to use UWorld question bank , or other sources to help you get a better score!

The NBME is hard in a way that you don’t have explanations and they can be tough to decipher what they are asking in some of the questions.

The UWorld exams are tough because they are so detailed and you have to know a lot to get them right.

So both are difficult in their own way, and the important thing is that they are harder than the real deal.

Is UWorld harder than Step

UWorld is harder than Step for sure!

The UWorld exams are harder because they have more detailed information. So make sure if you want to score well on the real thing, that you study hard and do great on these practice tests as well! You can also use other sources such as First Aid or Pathoma in order to help boost your knowledge base.

If you want to score well on the real thing then make sure that you study hard and do great on practice tests as well!

This is a good thing because you want your practice exams to be harder than the real thing, so that when you take the real exam you feel more comfortable with it and ready for it.


I hope this article has helped you understand more about what self assessments are and which one is better for your needs! Uworld offers free practice questions that help prepare you for the real thing.

Both of these tests can be great, but it’s important to remember if you want to score well on the USMLE then make sure that you study hard and do well on these practice exams.

I would highly recommend you do both the UWSA exams as well as the NBME ones, this will make you so ready for the actual exam, that it won’t even be fair!

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